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Career Development SeriesCareer Development Series

Research demonstrates that the long term care industry loses approximately 40% of its nursing assistants before they have completed their 90-day probationary period. Employers have attempted to battle this trend using a variety of incentives to recruit job candidates and improve retention rates during this critical time. One such incentive providers can offer to new hires is the Career Development Series (CDS). CDS assists in the successful transition of new hires by addressing those areas in which employee skills development is badly needed, yet often neglected. A series of 2-hour seminars delivered over 13 weeks (90 days) covers topics vital to helping staff function effectively in the workplace. Read more >> <top>

451-page Instructional Resource Binder [Item: CDS]    $499.95

Introduction to Culture Change DVD & Companion Guide

This one-of-a-kind resource is designed for newcomers to the concept of Culture Change and Person-Centered Care, and includes real-life examples of homes and individuals that illustrate best practices, including innovations in dining, bathing, activities, I-Format Care Planning, non-traditional nursing stations and much more. A Companion Guide is included for educators. This resource is available as as a DVD for classroom playback, or as a CD for playback on a single computer (Windows-based PC with Windows Media Player or equivalent). <top>

Culture Change 101 Multimedia Presentation (includes 20-page Companion Guide)

Available in DVD [Item: ICC-D] or CD [Item: ICC-C] format   $79.95

ESL BooksEnglish at Work: English as a Second Language for Eldercare Workers

English at Work is a 60-hour curriculum designed to increase industry specific language and workplace skills, comprehension of English language instructions and reporting instruments, and attendant life skills instruction. Participants learn to communicate more effectively with customers and co-workers, better understand and follow directions, and use the English language more proficiently.
Read more >> <top>

138-Page Student Book [Item: ESL-S]    $24.95

138-page Teacher's Edition [Item: ESL-T]    $49.95

Nursing Assistant TextbookFoundations of Nursing Assistant Care

It is widely known that the long term care industry has one of the highest employee turnover rates of any profession. Recognizing the critical staffing issues long term care managers face, the Institute offers Foundations of Nursing Assistant Care, a 20-day, 136-hour nurse aide training curriculum approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to prepare individuals for employment in the long term care industry which addresses the most common barriers to the recruitment and retention of qualified caregivers. Read more >> <top>

454-Page Instructional Guide with Teaching Resources [Item: FDNA-T]    $249.95

288-page Student Textbook [Item: FDNA-S]    $59.95

InService Training Solutions BinderIn-Service Training Solutions

Staff Development Directors and In-Service Coordinators understand the challenges of developing, scheduling, conducting and documenting all the necessary in-service requirements that must be met by nursing home employees to maintain regulatory compliance. In-Service Training Solutions includes 30 training topics designed to make this job more manageable. Read more >> <top>

636-page 2-Volume Instructional Binder with Turnkey Reproducible Teaching Materials
for Instructor-Led Training as well as Employee Independent Self-Study [Item: INSV-C]    $259.95

Individual Modules for Specific In-Service Topics can be Purchased Separately
Each Module: $14.95— [Click Here for Module Descriptions and Item Order Codes]

Key Terms BookKey Healthcare Terms & Abbreviations: Glossary for the Non-Clinical Professional

This is a handy A-to-Z reference that helps the non-medical professional with the sea of terminology regularly used by clinicians in long term care settings. Written in terms understandable to the lay person, it also contains an A-to-Z listing of commonly used medical abbreviations. <top>

35-page Reference Manual [Item: KHTA]    $9.95
($10 merchandise minimum for credit card orders)

Leadership Development Series BinderLeadership Development Series

The Leadership Development Series for Long Term Care Managers is a 40-hour curriculum designed to help all members of the leadership team strengthen their working relationships toward improving the overall effectiveness of the nursing home. Throughout the series, leadership personnel, managers and supervisors from all departments learn to understand and enhance the unique gifts that each contributes to the team. Read more >> <top>

629-page Instructional Resource Binder [Item: LDS]    $499.95

"Let's Talk about Culture Change" Poster Series

How are you Communicating Culture Change concepts to your team members, residents and families? Strategic placement of hese colorful and easy-to-read 11"x17" posters can help you spread the word and inspire involvement from the entire community along your Culture Change journey.

Culture Change Communication Posters

The series of 12 posters covers key concepts of Culture Change. They include:

  • How Does Culture Change Improve the Lives of Residents?
  • What Does Culture Change Look Like?
  • What Does Culture Change Feel Like?
  • The Language of Culture Change
  • What Is Enhanced Dining?
  • Apply Culture Change to your Bathing Approaches
  • What Is Community Life?
  • Bring Animals into the Nursing Home on a Regular Basis
  • What Are Neighborhoods and Neighborhood Teams?
  • Nursing Stations and Culture Change
  • Value-Based Care Planning
  • Holistic Approaches to Caregiving

Suite of Twelve 11"x17"Glossy Posters [Item: CCPOS]    $49.95

Mentoring for Eldercare Workers BinderMentoring for Eldercare Workers

Long term care providers are constantly seeking ways to recruit and improve retention of their newly-hired employees. With 40 to 50% of nursing assistants leaving before completing their 90-day probationary period, employers need solid strategies to improve retention rates during this critical time. Responding to this need, Mentoring for Eldercare Workers focuses on improving retention rates and enriching the work experience for both new and long-term employees. Implementing employee mentoring based on our program design helps long term care providers reduce the barriers that interfere with newly hired individuals being welcomed into the work community and becoming committed, productive team members. Read more >> <top>

243-Page Instructional Resource Manual [Item: MENTR]    $249.95


Published quarterly, Momentum is a four-page eldercare newsletter highlighting Culture Change and person-centered care practices. For change to truly “take root” we must do all that we can to communicate clearly with our team members about the “why” and the “how” behind what we are trying to implement. Momentum was created to specifically provide that communication.

Momentum Newsletters

Momentum is written in a style that is easily accessible to team members at all levels of their careers. Each issue features a column called “Implementing the Vision” which gives real world advice on how to create and sustain initiatives. Also included is a regular column called “The Tool Box” which offers caregivers quick Culture Change tips that they can put into practice immediately. At the close of each issue is a self-test, designed to offer 15 minutes of in-service credit to team members. Read more>> <top>

Momentum Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1 [Item: MM-V011]    (50-pack)   $24.95
Momentum Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2 [Item: MM-V012]    (50-pack)   $24.95
Momentum Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 3 [Item: MM-V013]    (50-pack)   $24.95
Momentum Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 4 [Item: MM-V014]    (50-pack)   $24.95

NASE BinderNursing Assistant Specialist for Elders

The Nursing Assistant Specialist for Elders (NASE) curriculum is a challenging 84-hour course to help the experienced nursing assistant develop advanced skills in an eldercare setting. Four-hour class sessions meet once or twice weekly to cover the curriculum. Written clinical applications and mastery tests measure students' performance throughout the course. The program ties learning objectives to advanced competencies in restorative and therapeutic care. Read more >> <top>

742-Page Instructional Resource Binder [Item: NASE]    $499.95

F-Tag CrosswalkRegulatory F-Tag "Crosswalk to Culture Change"

This very popular F-Tag reference highlights primary Culture Change principles and values and links them to dozens of Federal Regulations. Originally developed for use by Administrators, this valuable tool will also assist Directors of Nursing, Managers, and Supervisors from all departments in understanding how Culture Change initiatives do not interfere with Federal Regulations, but in reality support them and the CMS intent to improve quality of care and quality of life. Terminology is easily understood by both clinical and non-clinical staff members. Read more>> <top>

183 F-Tags, 265 Pages [Item: FTAG-C]    $229.95

Personal Care Attendant BookSharpening Our Focus, Enhancing Their Lives: An Assisted Living Caregiver Program

This 5-day 40-hour course is specifically designed for Pennsylvania-based Assisted Living Providers to implement in their homes to ensure that their caregivers are delivering the highest quality of assistance and care possible to their elders. This program covers interpersonal skills, communication, personal care attendant skill sets and interdisciplinary participation. Included with the curriculum is a bonus 1-day medication assistance education module. The Personal Care Attendant curriculum addresses training requirements related to the Personal Care Home regulations.
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200-page Student Textbook [Item: PCA-S]    $34.95

367-Page Instructional Resource Binder including Instructional Guide [Item: PCA-T]    $299.95

Transformational AssessmentsTransformational Assessments — Resident Assessment Tools Based in Person-Directed Care

This cutting-edge person-directed care resource is the product of a thorough examination of tools commonly used in everyday practice in a nursing home environment that have been redefined to fully reflect the industry's increasing transition toward Person-Directed care. The resource provides a variety of guidance and assessments including:

  • Interdisciplinary Admission Assessment
  • Guidance on Value-Based Careplanning
  • Life History Assessment—Getting to Know the Whole Person: Personal, Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual
  • Spiritual Fulfillment Profile—Exploring the Issues of Aging, Illness, Dying, Death and Spirituality
  • Community Life Assessment—Creating Meaningful, Life-Affirming Programs for Each Individual <top>

Suite of Transformational Assessments [Item: TRAS]    $89.95

Transformative Approach to HR BinderA Transformative Approach to Human Resource Leadership

This resource has been created as a solution for advanced Culture Change practitioners who have questions about marrying the transformational approaches that they are putting into practice in their homes with their Human Resource efforts. This is an advanced level resource designed for those individuals and organizations well on their journey of Culture Change. This product includes a CD containing all of the worksheets, sample policies/procedures, and forms contained in the resource in Word format. Human Resource approaches explored in this publication include:

1. Role Descriptions
2. Recruitment Advertising
3. The Application Process
4. Orientation
5. Mentoring
6. Job Coaching
7. Neighborhood Team Development
8. Inclusive Decision Making
9. Performance Appraisals

52-Page Transformational Approach to HR Leadership Resource with CD [Item: TAHR]    $109.95

WIN BooksWorkplace Instruction Now

Workplace Instruction Now (WIN) is a 40-hour adult basic education curriculum designed for eldercare employees based upon an analysis of the tasks they perform at work. Skills are introduced in the manner in which employees use them on the job. For example, fractional numbers are taught in the context of measuring foods in the kitchen, or reading thermometers and calibrated measuring devices. Participants demonstrate competency in the skills introduced as demonstrated by regular skill checks. Read more >> <top>

102-Page Student Workbook [Item: WIN-S]    $19.95

37-Page Teacher's Companion Edition [Item: WIN-T]    $9.95
($10 merchandise minimum for credit card orders)