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The Institute for Caregiver Education's Culture Change Indicators Survey

A Guide to Assessing Your Progress on the Culture Change Journey

The Culture Change Indicators Survey is a tool designed to help you assess progress with your journey on promoting quality of life for elders who reside in long term care homes. Created by the Institute for Caregiver Education, this survey measures the progress you have made in adopting the principles of Culture Change. When completed, this tool will help you to understand where your home stands, and more importantly, serve as a guide for the implementation of future changes aimed at improving resident and employee satisfaction.

The Culture Change Indicators Survey consists of 48 indicators in four major domains:

  • Environment
  • Organizational Procedures
  • Resident Involvement
  • Staff Empowerment

Indicators within each domain are intended to highlight the Culture Change principles that your home has adopted and to serve as possible suggestions for additional changes you can make. The survey of indicators employs a rating scale and comments section to note specific ways you have implemented the change. A scoring sheet is included at the end to assess progress on your culture change journey.

Download Culture Change Indicators Survey
(PDF file requires Adobe Reader)