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Culture Change Best Practices

The term “Culture Change” has found growing recognition in the eldercare community over the last eight years. The basis of the Culture Change philosophy is that of transforming eldercare providers from their traditional medical model of care to a social model, where residents are known by their uniqueness first, and by their diagnosis second. The philosophy is finding growing favor among eldercare professionals across the country who have historically been unhappy with the current systems in place to care for elders.

staff and residents together

Our goal here is to provide you with a sampling of what we consider to be among “Best Practices” in Cultural Transformation. You'll find these explanations brief. For more in-depth exploration of any of these best practices, be it an expanded written explanation, on-site consultation or a full-day of in-depth exploration in the form of a conference, you can reach us via email or by calling the Institute at 717-263-7766.